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Read some of the comments from our satisfied members below.

Thank you Coins-N-Dollars!
I am impressed.
Whoever joins now will have the best Christmas ever.

This is AWESOME and I have proof I copied this right from my members area!

Withdrawal History

You are here : Withdrawal History

ID Payment Mode Amount Date Status
1 bitcoin:1Ky14McPiYGMzbrvaJJwNrYdBqqgkfZ4Ah $ 31.000000 2017-09-07 12:15:55 Approved
2 bitcoin:1Ky14McPiYGMzbrvaJJwNrYdBqqgkfZ4Ah $ 36.000000 2017-09-08 21:14:55 Approved
3 bitcoin:1Ky14McPiYGMzbrvaJJwNrYdBqqgkfZ4Ah $ 26.000000 2017-09-09 22:05:31 Approved
4 bitcoin:1Ky14McPiYGMzbrvaJJwNrYdBqqgkfZ4Ah $ 65.000000 2017-09-10 22:31:10 Approved
5 bitcoin:1Ky14McPiYGMzbrvaJJwNrYdBqqgkfZ4Ah $ 34.000000 2017-09-11 09:11:45 Approved
6 bitcoin:1Ky14McPiYGMzbrvaJJwNrYdBqqgkfZ4Ah $ 42.000000 2017-09-14 03:09:50 Approved
7 bitcoin:1Ky14McPiYGMzbrvaJJwNrYdBqqgkfZ4Ah $ 60.000000 2017-09-15 13:09:59 Approved
8 bitcoin:1Ky14McPiYGMzbrvaJJwNrYdBqqgkfZ4Ah $ 90.000000 2017-09-17 08:22:09 Approved

* Our groups are hot most of us grab 5 spots so you only need 1 to cycle.

Have a nice day cashing in! Dave and Sue in AZ

I am not going to tell you ALL the negative stuff I have been through in this industry....I am going to FOCUS on the positive stuff....and that is CoinsNDollars....we have a WINNER HERE, AND I AM LOVE, LOVE, LOVING IT. Not only because I am making money...like over $1,200.00 since Saturday 23rd...but my people are. Nothing feels better than to see that. So forget the past, move forward with this one even if you can only buy one spot....one spot can grow, and grow....I wish all of you MASSIVE success.

Fantastic program. Joined just a few days ago and already making money. Can't say enough great things about this.

Joined about a Month ago, pays every time I ask for a Payout, this is awesome will definitely buy more Positions, keep up the good work..
Doug from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Riding this one through the holidays and into next year! Payments are too easy just tell a friend! bjorky80

Does C n D Pay? Are you kidding me? I made $1,863.60 in 7 days. Hey that's only a week.
With 10 Referrals and 111 positions falling all over themselves creating money beyond our wildest dreams.
It is beyond our imagination what it will be in 365 days.
Your Pal/Hal

WHOOOOOOOO Just joined less than 24 hours ago and got paid this is gunna be huge.

Go grab some spots now im a BIG promoter and they have spill-over.

This will be huge go BIG $$$

Have a great football season too.

Best program ever, simply amazing!

best passive program i have ever joined.. joined with 5 spots and after a few days i had enought to purchase another spot... so as i earn i will get more spots.. hope to max out in 6 months with 150 spots.

Joined with PayPal, withdrew Bitcoin. Gotta love it!

This is simply AMAZING!!!! Joined at 9:00 am est and now at 3:30 pm est I've already made $25. And I've done nothing to make it. WOW!!!

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