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Can anybody make Money this Easy?

YES, We accept new members from ALL around the world.
* Please see Pay Plan link to see just how much you will make it is Amazing!

How much does it cost to get started?
We checked out over 40 other sites and we found out this below.
5.00 and 10.00 programs flop fast there is not enough cash after fees.
100.00 and up programs flop as not too many members can pay that much.
We have set our join fees so it fits all budgets.
$29.00 up to $5000.00 small fee for pay systems. Fair for all.

What pay systems do you take?
We take and pay with most of the BIG ones come check it out.
* If you need a new way to pay just email us we will do it!
Is there SPILL-OVER? What is Spill Over?
Spill Over is when your sponsor or Admin sponsors members who spill over to YOU!
YES there is Spill Over but with Matching Bonus Pays you make more if you do sponsor.

Do I have to click ads or sponsor to be paid? Can Admin sponsor for me?
NO, we know you are busy and most members can't sponsor anyway.
We do offer services that do sponsoring for you and you get the Matching Bonus!
* To see our service where WE sponsor for you please check out the Bonus Link!

How much do we make if we sponsor other members. Can free members sponsor?
Admin has found that if we pay 10% to sponsor and a Matching Bonus
Pay each time a sponsored member gets paid that sites grow faster!
* So we pay 10% and a Matching Bonus on ALL Payouts!
* YES. FREE members can sponsor please do.

How and when do we get paid? Why do I get an email after I got paid?
Paying you is the most important thing we do. If we pay you tell others!
So we payout 7 days a week and withdraws are every few hours!
* Some are instant once we see your account is real.
You will get an email after you pay and one more email for 5 days in a row.
We split up your spot over 5 days so we can NEVER Stall. This is a good thing!

I see I'm buying a web site and ads. How many ADS do I get?
YES, You are going to get 3000 banner and 3000 text ads.
You also get a ready to make cash site like this one.
We have all the tools you need and we won't ever close so come back daily.
What is Pay It Forword? YES WE HAVE IT!
Pay It Forward or PIF is when you pay for a member who can't afford it or a family member.
* Be nice buy a spot or two for a member. If you need a member to pay for ask us.
More details on the Downline link in members area.

Who are you guys and how come you will never close.
This site has lots of helpers around the world if you want to be a part of our service just email us we love the help.
Keep in touch 24/7 at: coinsndollars@gmail.com or support tickets.
Join our Facebook pages and post we will answer or submit a ticket.
Based out of Hong Kong and London we give docs to only active members.
Our Math method of payouts is how we stay open so long.
Most programs fail from lack of new funds we space ours out with math over days.
* See pay plan at our pay plan link.

enlightened Think BIG and Think Fast but also Long Term CASH we don't stall!



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